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About Us

«Happy Life» is the unique child center, here you can find many studios to develop your kid and open up personality, with services for organizing unforgettable celebrations and English-language kindergarten: your child can visit a full(middle)-day or short-stay group.

Objective for «Happy Life» is to bring a happiness for children, making their education, training much more interesting with games, activities and crafts in the most comfortable conditions psychologically and physically.

In our center » Happy Life» you can find:

  1. answers for all questions about the child’s development and educating from the early age up tp school
  2. Developing classes for kids from 6 months
  3. English-speaking kindergarten for children from 2 years old
  4. Short-stay groups
  5. Choreography / sport classes
  6. unforgettable child holidays and great performances
  7. creative studios of different directions modeling / painting
  8. School of acting / puppet theater
  9. Psychologist and speech therapist
  10. Scandinavian methods of education
  11. Comfortable rooms for kids and materials are individual for each child
  12. Welcoming family atmosphere and special, professional care for everybody.

Why do parents trust «Happy Life»? Because only we are an excellent experienced team of professionals that developing and proving their leadership!

We will not just meet you in the comfortable atmosphere of the child center and kinder garden, but easily and quickly we will organize any celebration or performance for you and your child!

For sure we are able to respond for the most creative imagination and you will always be happy with us!

Your «Happy Life»

Contacts: +380970417596 Mila

 +380500221089 Elena

+380637157357 Elena

Website: https://happylife.net.ua


instagram: happy_life_kidsclub